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Hourly Rate:  I work on an hourly rate in 3 hour blocks.  It is the way I have found things to be the most efficient for both parties and eliminate ear fatigue.  I always send out an MP3 of the work that day to the client and discuss the session before we move on and schedule the next block.

3 Hour Session:  Typically this will be between 3 and 5 blocks depending on whether your song is a stripped down acoustic or a full production.  This is not set in stone as sometimes there are factors that will make a project take longer like hiring instrumentalists or singers for more parts or layers etc.  Anything extra will always be on my hourly rate. 

Full Song Flat Rate:  This is an option I offer to those who want to pay up front for a whole song.  The advantage is that I won't be adding hours to the end of the project.  I do however cap things at two revisions one the final mix has been sent out. 

Stripped Down Song Rate:  Same as above but will be just a guitar/piano vocal only including mix and master

Career consultation: If you would like some help, guidance or mentoring on your career and some advice on your songs or direction on the next steps you should take, I am happy to offer this via Skype, google hangout or now with zoom. 

Please send me a message for pricing and to set up a free consultation to discuss your goals for your music.